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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back For Playoff Time

The Informer may have a little rust on him, since this is the first time he is going to attempt to write a compantent sports story in more the a year. But if Randy Moss can resurect his career and once again recmlaim the “Sickest Man Living” award, then why can’t the Informer bring back his magic?

And of course since Moss is going to be involved in the AFC Championship Game this weekend, why not let the Informer break down all of Sunday’s Action and explain why the fans finally get to see their Dream Super Bowl.

Green Bay vs. New York

Since the middle of November, the Informer has been saying there is only one team in the NFL that can stop the Pats from winning the Super Bowl this year. A little hint, right now their fans are complaining because their state currently has a shortage of Cheeseheads.

With that said, this weekends game between the Giants and Packers has officially turned interesting with the sudden emergence of Eli Manning. Manning has been the butt of many jokes during his NFL career for not being as good as his brother, Happy Feet Manning. But since week 17, Eli has shown the ability to lead his team, first in the close loss to the Pats, and then with two road playoff wins (When was the last time Peyton won two straight road playoff games).

Sadly as much as the Informer likes the way Eli is leading his team, and as much as he likes the way the Giants defense can put pressure on the opposing team, it just is not the Giants year.

Not when a 38 year old “Gun Slinging” Brett Favre and Lambeau Field are involved.

Five interesting Stats:
Green Bay has never lost a Championship Game in Lambeau Field.

The New York Giants are 3-0 all-time in NFC Championship Games.

Packer’s starting running back Ryan Grant started the season as the 5th string running back for the Giants

The Fox offiliate in Wisconsin decided to pull Seinfeld from its Saturday broadcast, because it is Eli’s favorite show.

John Elway was 38 when the former “Gun Slinger” won his second Super Bowl. The 38 year old Favre currently owns one Super Bowl Ring, just saying.

Green Bay 31 - New York 20

New England vs. San Diego

This game has two possibilities, either it is a replay of the 1991 AFC Championship Game, or it is a replay of the 1991 NFC Championship Game.

Let the Informer explain.

In the 1991 AFC Title game (the 1990 season)the Buffalo Bills and their high powered offense beat a run happy and defensive orienated Oakland Raiders team 51-3. This Bills team ran a run and shoot offense that many said couldn’t and wouldn’t stand up with the physical nature of the Raiders defense.

By the time the dust cleared the Bills were going to the Super Bowl and the Raiders wouldn’t make it back to the AFC title game the rest of the decade.

But, then there was the 1991 NFC Championship Game.

The Game that featured the San Fransico 49ers and their blue-eyed quarterback Joe Monatana finding themselves in a defensive slug fest with the linebacker-heavy New York Giants, being led by back up Quarterback Jeff Hostteler. (Shades of Billy Volek leading the Chargers if Phillip Rivers cannot go this weekend)

The niners had already beat the Giants once during the regular season, and this game was played in San Fran, so many felt that Big-Game Joe and company would dismantle the Giants and go on to win their third straight Super Bowl Championship.

Unfortunatley, reality struck midnight late in the fourth quarter when Lawrence Taylor and Pepper Johnson teamed up to knock Joe Montana out of the game with a broken body (It was such a viscious blind-sided hit, the Informer isn’t exactly sure what they broke, maybe it was a spinal).

A short while later, a fumble by sure handed Roger Craig, and a Giants field-goal ended the Joe Montana dominance of the NFL.

New York went on to play in one of the most memorable Super Bowls ever, “The Wide Right” or “Gulf War” game.

Even though it was one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played, most NFL fans wanted to see the Dream Match between the Bills-49ers. Instead they got Giants-Bills.

This year most fans would probably agree that they want to see Favre try and topple the Pats pursuit to become the greatest team ever. Are we once again going to get denied.

The Informer thinks not.

This year the fans finally get their Dream Match.

Patriots 51 - Chargers 3

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