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Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Bowl Pick

My buddy Q called yesterday with a simple question, who do you like in the Super Bowl?

The Informer thought about the question and eventually answered the Patriots will win but not cover the spread (13 points).

The Informer felt this way for two reasons:

1. The Giants are the hottest team in football right now.

2. The Patriots have not covered the spread in something like 7 of their last 8 games.

There is one problem however.

The Informer couldn’t sleep last night knowing he told his buddy to back Eli Manning against the best team ever.

Honestly, this has to play into the equation. This is the same quarterback who led his team to 56 total yards in the second half against the Dallas Cowboys. But, because he did not throw an interception in the playoffs, everyone is forgetting that he is still Eli “Freaking” Manning going against the best Super Bowl quarterback since Joe Montana.

Then you have to add in the fact that the Giants cornerbacks could not cover Donald Driver, allowing a ninety-yard touchdown, in the freezing cold no less. Yet, the Informer is supposed to put his faith in these same cornerbacks against the best passing offense of all-time.

(If you really think Randy is not going to be putting up a Jerry Rice like 10 catches for 130 yards and three touchdowns, you are crazy.)

Finally, doesn’t the Informer have to give some consideration to Bill Belichick getting two weeks to prepare for a team that only has two players on their roster with Super Bowl experience? Did the Informer forget to mention that the Giants only have two players with Super Bowl experience? Won’t this somehow play a factor? You have one team with two guys who have played in the Super Bowl, and the other team is going for their fourth Super Bowl Ring.

Yes, experience matters.

Now, one of the main rules of gambling is to always go with your first instinct.

That is simple enough, but what was the Informer’s first instinct?

Did he think that the Giants are the hottest team in football and that they are going to give the Patriots a tough challenge?

The simple answer No, it was not.

The Informer’s first thought, this is going to be the 49ers-Broncos all over again. (The 49ers won that Super Bowl 55-10.)

Are the Giants going to play tough and keep it close?

Yes, but by keeping it close the Informer means it is not going to be 55-10, more like 35-20.

A win and a cover for the Patriots is the Informer’s new stance.

Welcome to the discussion of the greatest dynasty’s of all-time New England.

And finally, Randy Moss gets some bling-bling to go with his “Straight Cash Homey.”

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