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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Death of a Gunslinger

The Gunslinger has finally been holstered.

The heroic American Icon has decided the time is now to hang up his boots.

The Wyatt Earp of the NFL is surrendering his badge.

Billy, I mean “Brett the kid” is finally heading to old Mexico, retiring from a life of violence, err football.

(Searching to come up with some more cowboy references)

Brett Favre has retired.

Cowboy references aside, the Informer is trying to gauge the proper response to this development.

On today there was a big picture of Brett, before the Informer even saw a headline he new that Favre had finally made the decision to walk away from the game. And now the Informer needed to figure out just how he was going to remember Brett. This was harder then one would think.

It is hard for the Informer to gauge a proper response because for the longest time he hated Brett Favre.

Not just because so many people thought he was the greatest things since frozen pizza.

Not just because people always said how much fun Favre was having, like nobody else in the NFL was having any fun.

No the Informer hated Brett Favre because he was on the enemy team.

Growing up I had two favorite teams, the San Francisco 49ers led by Jerry Rice, and the Minnesota Vikings led by Randy Moss.

Of course both of these teams tasted defeat at the hands of the legend numerous times.

But lately something changed, once Favre started getting a little long in the tooth, the Informer actually started rooting for the Gunslinger.

This is what the Informer calls the John Stockton rule. Basically, if someone does his job so well for so long, then eventually you have to start respecting their game.

In Stockton’s case the Informer has never hated another NBA player or team more then he hated John and the Jazz. But after sixteen straight years of excellence, respect turned into admiration. Stockton was passed his prime, but still dishing out dimes left and right. This caused the Informer to actually start rooting for him to succeed.

The same thing happened with Brett.

This past year, other then New England, the Informer rooted for the Packers to continue their Cinderella Run. I even wrote that no NFL fan wanted to see the Giants in the Super Bowl, because we all wanted to see the “Legendary Gunslinger” try to defeat “The Evil Empire.” (New England vs. Green Bay)

Unfortunately, the NFL’s all-time leader in interceptions threw his most costly pick in overtime against the Giants in the NFC Championship Game.

Sadly that will be the last memory the Informer will have of Favre.

I will remember that the child in a man’s body, who always came through in the clutch, failed the one time the Informer was actually rooting for him.

After years of ripping the Informer’s heart out by beating his favorite teams, Favre found a new way to rip out his heart.

I guess that’s the life of a gunslinger.

Love them or hate them, eventually one day, every gunslinger finds a battle he can’t win.

Apparently today was that day for Favre.

And as much as the Informer hates Favre for always ripping his heart out, he is going to miss the shoot-outs.