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Monday, July 11, 2016

2017 Fantasy Football Preview

Ladies and gentlemen we are officially two months away from the 2016 NFL Season which can mean only one thing: It is fantasy football season.

Now The Informer knows what everyone is thinking: "Oh great, another blowhard pretending to be a fantasy football expert."

Honestly, you are right to feel that way. I mean at this point if you play fantasy football and need someone to tell you about "sleeper A" or "breakout star B" than you should probably not being playing.

But the good new is, blowhard advice from an overweight middle aged alcoholic is not what today's article is about.

No, today's article is different because I am not trying to tell you who is going to be a breakout star, or a sleeper, or a must draft; instead this article is just a blue print for one of the ways you can go about drafting a fantasy football team if you are doing an ESPN standard 12 team auction draft.

This means there will be no talks about sleepers (there will obviously be some talks about sleepers, but not as much as everyone else does), or can't miss prospects (again probably some talk of this); instead this article is just going to show the results of The Informer doing an auction draft on ESPN and the team he ended up with.

So with that in mind, here are the results from The Informer's first fantasy football auction draft of the 2016 season.

(The Informer note - Please keep in mind that these are the results of a standard 12-team auction draft. This means every person partaking in the draft had $200 to fill up his or her 15 person roster.)

QUARTERBACK: Drew Brees ($5) Matt Ryan ($2) 

Not a chance in France I am going to complain about getting two 4,500 yard quarterbacks for $7. The biggest lesson I learned from getting "Matty Ice" and "Mr. 4800" so cheap is that this is definitively not the year you want to overpay for a quarterback.

RUNNING BACK: Todd Gurley ($62) Adrian Peterson ($64) Ameer Abdullah ($3) Derrick Henry ($1) Giovani Bernard ($2) 

Okay I have to be honest, there was a moment when I realized I was going to get Giovani Bernard for $2 that I stood up and screamed "Holy f***ing s*** this is awesome". I am not lying. Getting Bernard for $2 in an auction draft (that was not even for real money keep in mind) was easily the highlight of my weekend.

As for the rest of my running back squad goes, all I have to say is that when you put Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley on the same roster you might as well cancel Christmas for the other 11 teams. Also Derrick Henry and Ameer Abdullah are mega sleepers who will be on every single team I own this season.

WIDE RECEIVER: A.J. Green ($48) Allen Hurns ($4) Dorial Beckham Green ($2) Josh Doctson ($1) 

Let's face it, my team was drafted to be running back heavy. With that said, A.J. Green is a Top 5 receiver and Hurns is a Top 15; which means I just put two of the 15 best wide receivers on the same fantasy team as Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley.

Not to shabby if I may say so.

TIGHT END: Julius Thomas ($2) Dwayne Allen ($1) Ebron ($1)

This maybe the seventeen Natty Lights talking, but one of these guys will be a fantasy stud this season. I am just not sure which one is going to be the man, so having all three on the roster is the best way to hedge my bets.


I say this every single time I write one of these articles but I will say it again: If you spend more than $1 on a defense or a kicker you are in fact a moron. Just don't do it. Wait until you have filled your roster and then just pick one of each.

That is a warp folks. What do you all think? Is The Informer winning his league, or what?